Life as nature intended

Health Supplements

Bioharmony offers you an extensive selection of everyday essential nutrients and vitamins to ensure your optimum health.

Whether it’s for your mind, hormones, digestion, or daily lifestyle Bioharmony has a supplement to help you feel great from the inside out.

Trusted for more than 2 decades

Bioharmony has a proud tradition of complementary healthcare, combining trusted traditional herbal remedies with modern clinical research.

Trusted for more than 25 years to deliver effective and safe nutritional supplements and vitamins.

No preservatives or artificial colourants

Our premium range of vitamins and supplements contain only the best quality, natural ingredients.

With no artificial colourants, flavourants or preservatives in our formulations.

Women’s Health

Whether you are going through menopause or just trying to keep your PMS in check, look to the Bioharmony range for a nature-based solution to meet your unique and varying needs:

  • Menoclove®

    Nature-based assistance for Menopause

    The Menoclove® range of natural remedies is tried & trusted to help deal with the unpleasant symptoms associated with Menopause.

    Each women experiences the symptoms of menopause differently. Choose between the added strength of Menoclove Plus or Menoclove Day/night for a 24 hour solution:

    MENOCLOVE PLUS- Extra Strength

    MENOCLOVE DAY/NIGHT- 24 hour Relief

Condition specific

Cold Sores? Can’t Sleep? Over-indulged? Find a nature based solution to those specific ailments that are getting you down:

Immune System & Wellness

A strong immune system is crucial to great health. In order for the immune system to function well it requires balance and harmony. Give your health a boost with these Bioharmony® products:


Since 70% of the body’s immune system lives in the digestive tract, maintaining digestive health is crucial to the body’s overall well-being. Not to mention that most of the symptoms of a poor digestive system are highly uncomfortable, leaving you feeling sluggish and unwell.

Battling with flatulence, gas and bloating? Constipation? Digesting your food?  Find relief and get your balance back with Bioharmony®:

Bioharmony combines science and nature to create highly effective formulas for optimum health and well-being.

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Life as nature intended

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