What makes Skinsano Multipurpose Ointment such an effective barrier cream?

Containing 28.5% Lanolin and 20% Zinc oxide, our ointment acts as a protective barrier to excessive moisture. Which is exactly what you need to prevent a nappy rash outbreak on your little ones sensitive skin.

Combined with Calendula and Lavender oil , Skinsano Multipurpose Ointment is gentle on baby’s skin, provides protection, soothes and nourishes.

What makes it Multipurpose?

Skinsano can also be used on dry itchy skin conditions and general skin irritations resulting from excessive dryness or excessive moisture. The Lanolin in Skinsano is a brilliant natural moisturiser to prevent dry, rough, scaly, itchy skin and minor skin irritations.

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Skinsano® Lanolin Ultrapure

Nature’s moisture treatment

Avoid the discomfort associated with cracked and dry nipples when breastfeeding. Skinsano® Lanolin contains 100% Ultrapure medical grade lanolin which promotes the skin’s natural healing process.

Its ultrapure quality means it’s safe for baby and can be applied to nipples prior to breastfeeding without having to wash it off.

Use it for the whole family on any sore, cracked or damaged skin. Such as cracked lips or sore noses, or any skin condition requiring moisturisation.

Fragrance, colourant and preservative free, making Skinsano® Lanolin hypoallergenic and safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Skinsano® Fullers Earth

Perfumed dusting baby powder

Refresh, absorb moisture and deodorize baby with Skinsano® Fullers Earth Perfumed Dusting Baby Powder.

Perfect for your nappy bag, Fuller’s Earth Baby Powder comes in a handy 75g bottle.

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